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QSJ Radio as been givng Artist a breakthrough of what to do and not do as Artist.  Here are some many feature services we provide

Radio Play

🎶Rotation🎶(2 Songs) $10.00


Artist/Group song will get played on our online streams and mentioned on popular social media for extended exposure.
Example Tweet/Post: #NowPlaying @Artist - Song Name on #TuneIn


Live Interview - $50.00

Artists/Groups always have a story, and our show is based on these interviews.  Artist can either come to us, or have a Skype like interview and showcase your music and story for 40-60 minutes during our popular #SendTheLink Mix.  All shows will be recorded and uploaded to all Major Podcast distributors.  (Itunes, Google Play, and others) so Artist and other followers can see or hear it!

Package includes 4 Songs in 90 day spins.

📺🎞Live Video Play 📺🎞            Business Ad 💰 (4 Days) - $5.00

Videos are played on our shows to display true Artist Potential, these are also treated as Advertisement, giving our audience a glance of who you are, giving more fan base.  For only 2 weeks we play the same 3-4 different Artist and Business Ads.

Video Advertisement

Event Hosting - $150

We would love to live stream any events that are going down.  These are exclusive to promoters only, we must know a few things about you before going to these events.

Please E-Mail

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