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FAT is an award winning rapper and black illustrator born and raised in
Greensboro, North Carolina. An oddly charming panic mix of a cup of
Rick Ross, with a tablespoon on E-40 and a dash of Weird Al. FAT started
writing lyrics at the early age of ten years old as a way to express himself
outwardly. “For a long time music was my journal”. FAT makes music for
those in touch with the human experience. 



QSJ Radio is dedicated to bringing listeners the best in music and entertainment. We aim to be a platform for unsigned artists from all over the world to get their music heard and to foster a creative community of artists.

We look for new talent and never stop searching for the latest and greatest music. We know how important it is for unsigned artists to have their voices heard, and we are dedicated to giving them the opportunity to be seen and heard. Tune into QSJ Radio today and experience the best of the unsigned artist scene.

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